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November 11 - 14, 2024
Las Vegas, NV


This year is going to be a doozy! And as always, I pride myself on seeking out the "underground ninjas" that are out there doing some really amazing things but don't leave their bat caves much. I love luring them out and having them share all of their goodies. And this year was no exception.

I combed the Internet and asked all my Connections who were the best SEOs that are already using AI-driven strategies, innovative tools, and cutting-edge techniques. And what I found has blown my mind! What they are going to show you will soon reshape the SEO landscape. And I'm not just talking about AI writing content. Oh No! There is much more going on and if you aren't HERE you WILL be left behind. But that's ok, we need ditch diggers too. ;-)

This is a 3-Day EARLY BIRD Special while I get all the speaker info and agenda together. After that, it will obviously be more expensive, so get your tickets NOW!

Dori Friend
Founder, SEORockstars
It is 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. We will be busting SEO myths and delivering SEO Test results and Case Studies that will only be shared at the event.
Terry Samuels

Having spearheaded successful SEO campaigns for many businesses, Terry speaks from experience. He draws from real-life case studies and shares proven effective strategies across various industries. This hands-on expertise lends credibility to his talks, making them a valuable resource for businesses aiming to drive traffic, improve rankings, and increase conversions.

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Ted Kubaitis

Ted Kubaitis has over 20 years of experience in software innovation, impacting companies globally. He started his career as an engineer at Microsoft and later founded QL2 Software, revolutionizing competitive intelligence analysis. His WebQL tool became so influential that “QL2” became an industry term. Ted founded SEO Tool Lab, where his Cora SEO tool, analyzing over 3000 factors, has driven significant revenue increases and top search rankings. A sought-after speaker, he educates audiences on data-driven SEO strategies, continuing to shape the industry with his expertise.

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James Slattery

James Slattery - 30 years in I.T. (Super Software) & 25 years in SEO. Featured in several "...for Dummies" books & specializes in automation, linkbuilding & seo sales for his law firm clients.

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Brian Winum


Brian Winum, a digital marketing expert with over 20 years of experience, is a partner at Maxburst Web Design and MAXPlaces Marketing. He's a lifelong resident of Long Island, NY, and was a commercial insurance agency owner prior to stepping into the digital realm. Brian recently launched his course, Authority Amplifier Pro, detailing his news syndication, EEAT, and authority-building strategies.

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Brian Kato

Brian Kato owns Fusion Vine, a company specializing in SEO services. Brian is known for his practical use of data to enhance his SEO strategies, public speaking, and digital marketing consulting. With more than a decade of experience in the field, Brian has assisted numerous businesses in improving their online visibility and website traffic. Alongside SEO, Brian has extensive experience in strategic business planning, neuromarketing, and utilizing technology for operational efficiency.

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Dan Kurtz

Dan Kurtz has been a marketing mercenary for hire since 2006. He is the grower of businesses, the optimizer of processes and the slayer of bad digital marketing. His 15 year career in digital marketing includes consulting work with companies like Bing and Nielsen to grow their business through process and workflow optimization and automation.

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Brock Misner

Brock Misner is a renowned figure in the digital marketing landscape. As an American Internet marketer, Google paid media specialist, Amazon bestseller, and search engine optimization (SEO) expert, he has established a prominent presence both online and offline. Brock's profound insights and innovative strategies in digital marketing have positioned him as a highly sought-after speaker, regularly invited to some of the most prestigious SEO and marketing conferences worldwide.

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Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with two decades of experience in the affiliate and SEO space that all started with selling an unconventional product- a house. This was a last ditch effort to unload a failing real estate business that left him with over $100,000 in credit card debt when starting his affiliate side business. Derek stumbled upon search engine optimization (SEO) and began to dominate affiliate marketing campaigns with launches eliminating the $100K debt in 18 months. That led to building more evergreen campaigns and begin SEO and affiliate training based on all his testing. Derek’s speciality is uncovering patterns in the SEO space while using AI and Automation.

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Holly Starks

Holly Starks is a leader in the Video Marketing Industry. At the end of 2016, She had 3.5 million live-streamed video’s ranking on YouTube. She has close to 150,000 YouTube Accounts and in some circles, has been dubbed ‘The YouTube Queen’. In 2019, She now has 1.5 million videos online, ranking and bringing daily traffic.

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Eric Schwartzman

Eric an SEO consultant, author, and content marketing strategist with expertise in e-commerce marketing, Shopify SEO, B2B markerting, SEO consulting services, and wine marketing. Eric leads earned media marketing and SEO initiatives that align with his client's business goals to boost their web traffic and ecommerce revenue. Eric have a proven track record in developing innovative organic search marketing campaigns that lift organic rankings and attract customers.

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Gregory Ortiz

Since 2014, Gregory has been an active leader in the digital advertising community, having successfully taught thousands of people how to make a full time living working for themselves online. Currently Gregory focuses on his many companies spanning from a Digital Advertising Agency, Softwares, AI Company, as well as his Brick & Mortar Businesses.

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Randy Rhode

An energized Executive who excels at growing revenue through Digital Marketing and Business Development savvy and increasing profitability through effective Operations Management. For over 7 years I’ve been helping companies and individuals make more money and generate leads online. Founder and CEO of 38 Digital Market - a full service SEO and Press Release Agency serving global clients worldwide. Randy helps businesses dominate their market by leveraging the power of Google, Social Media, and Press Releases.

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Matt Versteeg

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Joy Hawkins

Joy is the owner of the Local Search Forum, LocalU, and Sterling Sky, a local SEO agency in Canada & the USA. She has been working in the industry since 2006, writes for publications such as Search Engine Land, and enjoys speaking regularly at marketing conferences such as MozCon, LocalU, Pubcon, SearchLove, and State of Search. You can also find her on Twitter or volunteering as a Product Expert on the Google Business Profile Forum.

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Richard Fong

Richard Fong isn't just playing the digital marketing game; he's changing how it’s played. With more than 15 years of experience, he operates a 7-figure SEO agency on a mere 20 hours a week, proving that efficiency and profitability can go hand-in-hand. Richard founded, an elite Mastermind where top digital marketers aren't just participating; they’re dominating the industry by exchanging revolutionary digital marketing strategies and business insights. Committed to growth, he is involved in the Entrepreneur Organization and continuous development with programs like Strategic Coach and EOS. Balancing professional success with personal fulfillment, Richard is also a devoted father/husband, and pursues passions like dancing, traveling, and chess.

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Jerry West

Since 1996, Jerry has taught thousands his secrets to navigating the hidden rules of Google. Then, in 2023, everything changed. But Jerry had a hypothesis. Jerry believed that Google search quality was so degragated by AI-generated garbage, that a core update would reward quality content. So, Jerry started testing across my 800 test domains in early 2023. And the results were pretty phenomenal. In just 3 months, traffic skyrocketed across all my domains. Jerry lives, eats & breathes SEO and looks forward to helping you dominate your search results.

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Derek Iwasiuk

Derek has taught at 6 different live events in different areas of SEO. Most notable is Derek's work with Kotton Grammer and paid events up to 900 people and over 300 webinars in the past 4 years providing start-up SEO’s with the technical background to meet their client’s demands or their own projects. Being able to balance a family of 2 children and a wife and support team of 30 to work with over 100 clients over the past 10 years with multiple agencies working with local hair salons and chiropractors to Bio E-Commerce and campaigns for Coca-cola. Being branded as one of the most technically knowledgeable SEO’s around and currently 145 Linkedin Recommendations.

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Mike Merlino

Michael Merlino is a highly sought-after, world-renowned Search Optimization Expert. He is the co-owner of the CTR Geeks Facebook group (and paid course) that has helped over 1300 people enhance their SEO results using his tried-and-true Click Thru Rate tactics. He has been featured weekly in the GMB Pro’s course, helping thousands of students maximize their results.

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Elias Leivadaras

Elias Leivadaras is the co-owner of Stealth Code LTD, a pioneering software development company renowned for transformative creations like SEO Autopilot, SEO Neo, Omega Indexer, and Colinkri. With 15 years as a Certified SEO Expert, Elias boasts an impressive portfolio, collaborating with major clients and employing his expertise to tailor SEO strategies that drive substantial results. His innovative contributions and unwavering dedication continue to shape the landscape of digital marketing and software development.

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Stewart Lister Vickers

Stewart Vickers is the owner of multiple online businesses and author of The Power Lever Method: How Magnetic Coaches Attract Great Clients. Having studied History of Art at University College London, he became an online journalist before specialising in affiliate marketing and SEO. He now runs multiple websites and digital agencies including and Serpply and has risen to become the SEO Jesus.

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Adam McChesney

Adam McChesney is a serial entrepreneur based in St. Louis, MO. Originally a medical device sales rep, he transitioned into entrepreneurship full-time in the midst of the pandemic in July 2020. Since going out on his own, Adam has leveraged his skillset of personal branding & digital marketing to grow multiple companies at this point. He is the Founder of Builders of Authority, and Co-Owner at Auto Glass Repair of STL. Formerly, Adam was the VP of Growth and Partner at Hite Digital, a digital marketing agency that Adam helped grow to a 2x INC 5000 award winner. Adam was named Hite Digital Franchise of the Year in both 2021 & 2022.

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Patric Shannon

Patric’s diverse journey includes roles as an SEO specialist, tax accountant, professional poker player, software engineer, 7-figure agency owner, SaaS founder, and agency coach. As the founder of three digital marketing companies, he shares his wealth of experiences to provide a unique perspective.

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Dear SEO Extraordinaire,
Let's be real...
I admit I love hearing the "science" of SEO... listening to Google conspiracy theories... and the latest search engine gossip sucks me in more than an episode of Orange is the New Black...
But I don't base my rankings around the theory & gossip and I certainly don't base my business around it... because in the end, it's all worthless.
I only base my SEO strategy on what is
Since 2011 when Panda started smashing up and eating web businesses, it's been a SEO blood bath, but unlike thousands of people who left SEO, or the dozen of guru's that have popped up since then, my buddies and I have made it through and are STILL HERE. And..


And the only thing I can tell you is that you have GOT to test because I can honestly say that my buddies and I are on the "bleeding" edge of it AND have documented data that goes against everything that Google tells us! Crazy stuff! (and I know, right? Google not telling us the truth?) CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF!



On October 26th, the day before the main conference, the speakers, myself, and other VIP guests come together for what I like to call, "A Day of Mischief, Maheam & Madness." And just like in the old days...

It's a day of Camaraderie.
It's a day of Connections.
It's a day of Building...

It's a day of Knowledge.
It's a day of Festivity.
It's a day of Expansion...

But most of all, it's a day of Tribute!

It's my way to thank the speakers to come in from the wild to share their tales of the Revolution that is happening.

Come join us in the adventure.




  • Access to 3-Day Event
  • Recordings of Event
  • Copies of Speaker Presentations
  • Copies of Contest Winners Manifestos


  • Same as Main Event... PLUS
  • Access To VIP Skype Group With Speakers


  • Same As VIP Package
  • (value $2,295)...Plus
  • 60 site PBN or your OWN (value $6,000)
  • Six Months of SEONitro VIP (value $2,982)
  • One Year of SEOIntel Access (value $1,100)
  • All 600+ SEOIntel Test Results
  • More To Be Announced
  • TOTAL VALUE = $12,377
GET THE REAL STUFF From Our Independent Speakers
Do NOT Listen To Google
(They're Lying)
Do NOT  Listen To Google's Gurus!
(They're Teaching You Stuff that's NOT TRUE!)


This is a small conference. We keep the size of the group small so it's an intimate experience that let's you get connected. At least 50% of attendees in the audience are this years speakers, or have spoken in the past.

~ The caliber of our group cannot be overstated. ~

This is being put on by the founders of the SEOIntelligence Agency, so you know you are going to get the LATEST scope on what is working and what is not.

And because of that, I chose Speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlate with our tests findings. We have done well over 700 tests so we know when someone is bullshitting or not.

You will get information that is:

  • Up to date
  • Leading edge facts, not skimpy theory based on myths
  • Tested and proven to work
  • Strategies that others don't talk about
  • SEO you can take to the bank

It is hard to describe but once you have been to an SEO Rockstars event you will “get it” and say "Oh, yeah. Dori DID say it would feel like this; no snooty people allowed."

For me, personally, some of the most important people I've met in this business have come from my SEORockstar events and I know, for a fact, I would not be where I am today without those contacts.

Get Your Ticket
Dori Friend

P.S... 12 years, I can hardly believe it! I mean, that is a loooong time!

Each year I say I am not doing it again; it costs a lot of money and is a lot of hard work to put on a purely PITCH-free event, but every single year I start hearing from people checking in to see when they can buy their early bird tickets and convincing me that I HAVE to do it again! So here I am. 11 years later. lol

P.S.S... Over the years, there have been many attempts to knock-off SEORockstar's honest, down-to-earth, SEO vibe. I've even heard of the others telling their prospected attendees that "their" event will be, or is, better than SEORockstars. All I can say, it's a great feeling to be the founder of "the" event to beat. :)

I guess that's why our attendees keep coming back!

And that's OK if you don't want to learn about A.I.. We need ditch diggers too!

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