November 10-13, 2021
Both VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON @ Tropicana, Las Vegas


Dear SEO Professional,

This is the 10th time I've hosted SEORockstars. WOW! When I started SEORockstars all those years ago, I never intended it to be an annual event, but each year I would get talked into doing it again LOL.

So here we are 10 years later... =:)

And when I look back at all the speakers I've had on this stage in the last 10 years, I think the absolute best presentations have been from the guys/gals that aren't at all well known.

In fact, these are the people that don't normally speak at events, and rarely share in chat groups or forums, because they are either somewhat shy or, they just don't want to be uncovered.

That's why I call them "Underground" SEOs.

And... they bring with them an unusual array of unknown strategies. These are the guys that have the winning SEO tricks and methods WE HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT YET!

Which is What Has Always Made SEORockstars So Unique!

I mean, who wants to hear from the same corporate presenter with the same standard presentation you can get anywhere else, (because you know they deliver them over and over again.) The only thing worse than an overused set of slides, is when they have a pitch to sell you something after it!! YIKES!! Neither of which you will find here!

Of course we will still have some of the crowd pleasers that have rocked this stage in the past, but for the most part, you won't have heard of the speakers I'm bringing on stage this year... in fact... most of the speakers will REMAIN a mystery!

About The Speakers


Now I know that's a little strange for a conference, but here's the deal, even though some of the speakers will let you know who they are, (and I will update this page with them when I get all of their presentation details) most won't, and the reason is pretty simple...

They Don't Want Google (nor Their Competition) To Know Who They Are!

I think you can understand that, I mean, if you had something that was working for you in your niche, would YOU want Google or your Competitors in that niche to know what you were doing? I didn't think so.

Therefore, I have promised that they can have complete anonymity if they choose. This way, I can leverage the BEST of the BEST to show us what they are doing to win big on Google no matter HOW BLACK HAT it may be.

I guarantee each of these speakers will deliver "at least" one knowledge bomb you can roll around and take to the SEO piggy bank!

I can also say with certainty that and openly, that both Clint Butler and I will be speaking so you know what that means...

YOU WILL Listen to Massively Tested, Proven SEO Results Found NOWHERE ELSE!


Let's be real... theory is bullshit.

And it's why I started the SEO Intelligence Agency in 2016. We've done 600+ tests since then and continue to do more each month.

So even though I admit I love listening to Google conspiracy theories, I don't base my rankings around the theory & gossip and I certainly don't base my business around it... because in the end, it's all worthless.

I only base my SEO strategy on what is tested and proven and that is exactly what you get at SEORockstars. We are on the "bleeding" edge of SEO and have documented data that goes against everything that Google tells us! Crazy stuff! (and I know, right? Google not telling us the truth?) CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF!

And because of that...

I chose Speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlates with our tests findings.

I've also focused on choosing speakers who could speak on the topics that you told me were important to you in the survey I took a couple months ago. Below is how it scored. Because survey participants were able to give it a 1 to 5 rating, the calculated weighted score is on the very right-hand side. You can see that LOCAL SEO won followed by (you guys never get tired of it) On-Page SEO. ;) And then on down the line.

The blue box represents the topics we will be focusing on at SEORockstars, and of course, the red X are the ones that didn't make the grade.

I have set up the event to capsulate the above "blue boxed" topics to fit into certain days as follows. But you can see how topics will show up on muiltiple days, for example Local SEO shows up on all three days, it just depends which aspect of it we are talking about, what day that part will appear on. And...

The days won't be "limited" to these but the below boxes gives you an idea how the Survey Topics will be incorporated into the Conference.

And Local SEO will be front and center on all three days

And since last year's VIRTUAL event was such a success (just read the rave reviews below) this year's event will also be virtual, but with a twist. It will be....

Both Live & Virtual

You Pick How You Want To Experience It

Instead of doing all the lever pulling in my office all by myself, I'm going to be doing all that live at the Tropicana in Las Vegas so for those of you that want to come and enjoy the company of your fellow SEO Professionals, you can! (It's the perfect place to network.) Below art (which I just love) is by Megan Duncanson.

And for those speakers that come live, they will speak live in front of the audience. :-)

Dori Friend
Founder, SEORockstars

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!


We ALWAYS get Rave Reviews!

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!


All Times Are Pacific Time Zone

Nov 10
Day 1
Nov 11
Day 2
Nov 12
Day 3
Nov 13
Day 4

In-Person Day Events

1:00 - 4:00(ish) PM PSTTop Golf, Las Vegas
Food, Drink & a Whole Lot of Networking... Plus Hitting as Many Golf Balls as You Want

What You Get: Our functions at Top Golf in Las Vegas has been hands down a SEORockstars favorite. For those of you that like to hit golf balls, you will be able to do that in spades, but for the more casual, (like me lol) you can sit on one of the many couches set up around the golf bays and enjoy great food and as many cocktails as you can drink while sharing and picking up great SEO strategies from other SEO Professionals.

This is a great time to meet your fellow SEOs, make friends and trade contact information. This is one of the many benefits of a SEORockstars in-person event. Although, our crowd looks a little bit more nerdy than the one below, it really is a LOT OF FUN!

Why It's Important: Most SEOs work all by themselves in a vacuum. Being able to meet other SEOs is as important as the SEO strategies you will pick up. Don't take it from me, listen to Brian Hong who has come to every single SEORockstar event we've had!

5:00 - 6:00 PM PSTHigh Roller Ferris Wheel, Las Vegas
Yes, More Cocktails & Networking While Crusing Over Las Vegas

What You Get: Another SEORockstars favorite, we try to time it when the sun is setting so you get to see Las Vegas turn from day into night life. It's an amazing journey into the sky all the while getting to know and make friends with your other SEO Professionals.

Even if you are afraid of heights, you will feel comfortable in the glass bubble that will make up our portal into the sky.

It is truly a one of a kind experience, and you get to drink (if you are so inclined) and chat, but mostly you will probably want to take pictures of the incredible view with your new friends.

Why It's Important: Experiencing events like these creates a bond between attendees that increases trust, friendship and sharing. It's events like these that makes SEORockstars THE SEO event of the year because you come home with not just new winning SEO strategies, you come home with people you can lean on when you feel stumped or stuck in your daily SEO lives. It is invaluable.

7:00 - ? PSTThe Las Vagas Night Life
More time to exerience Las Vagas with other SEO Proffessionals

What You Get: This time is optional of course. Some of us want to go to bed by this time (me) but others will join-up into small groups and go out on the town.

Why It's Important: This entire day has been structured for you to get to know other SEO Professionals so you develop relationships with other like-minded. I've even seen business partnerships develop from events and days like this.

Nov 10
Day 1
Nov 11
Day 2
Nov 12
Day 3
Nov 13
Day 4

On-Page SEO

9:00 - 5:00 PM PSTAll About On-Page SEO!
Day 1 Focuses Exclusively on On-Page SEO - We Will Be Pulling But Not Limited to the Below Topics From Our SEO Survey

SEO Survey Topics

What You Get: You will leave knowing ALL the most strategic On-Page strategies that will rank you right out of the gate. Learn the most important and unknown cutting edge On-Page details that are rarely employed and will tip the scales in your race to the top of Google.

But to tip those scales to the top, you need to know what the right way is to go about it. What's REALLY important and what isn't.

We've chosen speakers who are masters in each area of the page and who experience incredibly rankings for even the most competitive keywords. You will learn what and why these On-Page factors can make or break a SEO Campaign.

Below is an image of just the basics to get your started. These elements are shared freely and often. But our presenters will give you the rest of a winning On-Page set-up that is missing below to guarantee you get it right the first and every time!

Why It's Important: On-Page SEO is the starting place for all SEO campaigns. It's the place to get it right straight out of the gate so you know where you land in Google's ranking before you do anything else! If you get your On-Page right the first time, you may not have to do anything else. This saves you time and money in wasted efforts. Efforts that might even play against you!

Nov 10
Day 1
Nov 11
Day 2
Nov 12
Day 3
Nov 13
Day 4

All About Link Building

9:00 - 5:00 AM PSTAll About Link Building
Day 2 Focuses Exclusively on Link Building - We Will Be Pulling but Not Limited to the Below Topics from Our SEO Survey

SEO Survey Topics

What You Get: Learn what types of linking strategies are ranking the experts. Our presenters will be showing both white and black hat techniques that have shot them straight to the top. You will learn which to use in for your situation. You will also get the facts about linking practices that the general SEO has no clue about.

We will start with inner linking.

Inner Linking is one of the MOST powerful and underutilized strategies in the SEO industry. And even though this could be considered an on-page tactic since this type of linking is in your control, the depth of what our presenters will share with you will quickly show you the power of linking correctly inside your site and why it will become one of the most authoritative linking assets in your control.

The image above shows you the basics of a common inner linking strategy that most SEOs employ. It is good, but just wait until you find out just how simple it is to out-perform this passé structure

Next, we will go into Brilliant Off-Page Linking.

And the fun begins. This is my favorite aspect of SEO, but it isn't for the faint of heart since ANY, and I mean ANY off-page linking practices you employ is considered in Google's eyes to be Black Hat. Google wants you to get your outside links by writing great content that people will want to link to naturally. And, you should be doing that!

But if you want to compete with the "Big Dogs" you are going to need to implement a linking strategy of some sort. In fact, you are probably doing something like the image below. It's the most common and exhasted blueprint in the SEO industry.

But just remember, even if you are cautious about your link building, you cannot consider yourself White Hat any longer. Period.

With that said, we have presenters that will show you the delicate art of cautious link building to keep you out of the cross hairs of Google and more importantly, your competitors, whom have all have gotten notoriously dreadful about reporting any and all incoming links to sites above them.

And Then There is Advanced Link Building That Will Make That Above Illustration Look Like Childs Play!

So... for those of you that have a higher tolerance to more aggressive link building techniques, we have presentrrs that will show you how to increase your sites authority and ranking by mastering the systems of acquiring the most sought-after links in existence.

We are also going to break down a lot of the myths surrounding links.

Why It's Important: If you are going for an incredibly competitive keyword you are going to need great linking strategies. Both Inner and Off-Page Linking is the only way to compete for what I call "Monster Keywords." But linking from both inside your site isn't always as straight forward as the illustration above make it seem. Take it from our experts, you will often need to go out of the box to win. But when done right, you will shoot to the top every time. A GREAT inner and external linking campaign will make the difference from page 2 to page 1, or from number 7 to number 1 in the rankings.

Nov 10
Day 1
Nov 11
Day 2
Nov 12
Day 3
Nov 13
Day 4

Day 4 is all About

The Business of SEO

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PSTAll About "The Business of SEO"
Day 4 Focuses on The Business of SEO & It's Underlining Topics - We Will Be Pulling bBut Not Limited to the Below Topics from Our SEO Survey

SEO Survey Topics

What You Get: If you haven't scaled your SEO Business to $1 million plus a year yet, or you're just starting out and want to know how to get clients, up sale them, and then keep them, this day is for you. You're going to learn exactly how these huge earners did it and how you can too!

You will learn the exact processes how the big boys get clients, upsell them, outsource work (or even white labeling it) hiring the best staff and scaling up and even opening new offices.

Discover their processes for SEO Audits, to learn how they put together SEO Campaigns, and what they do for Link Building to create a cohesive and repeatable process that has their customers raving and referring new business.

Why It's Important: Even if you don't have an SEO Agency, or don't even plan on having one, listening to the speakers, whom have successfully created a repeatable process in SEO, show you how they do it is bound to give you goosebumps. This is where a lot of magic is learned on how to put it all together and the discoveries are jaw-dropping.

SEO Panels & Round Tables with Speakers and Attendees

And Then There Are Our Panels: We pull from the Speakers AND the Attendees for this. We will take topics & questions in the begging of the event from the live attendees (and from our virtual attendees via chat) to be addressed throughout the conference. If they don't get answered during the conference, we pull up people who can answer them!

When all those get answered, we do roundtable type of questions. I will pull up a variety of people and ask them each the same question; i.e. "where do you go for your link building." This gives us a variety of answers and often leads into more questions and more discoveries.

Why Is It Important: There are a lot of resources and opinions in SEO Debates are a lively thing in this industry and is partly what makes it so interesting. And this is where we get to pull out even MORE information for all of us to learn from. These are actually my favorite part of the conference!

Live In Las Vegas or Watch Virtually

How It's Going to Work


Come to Las Vegas and be with us, meet some of the presenteors (not all will be there as some are presenting virtually) and other attendees as we pull the levers to make the virtual show happen. NOTE: since we are also doing a virtual show, it will be different than other SEORockstar events in the past where all the speakers spoke from stage.


Watch/Listen to SEORockstars from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere for that matter. Last year's virtual conference was a HUGE HIT because of its convenience!

FOR BOTH Live and Virtual

Every day you will be sent the links you need to get into the presentations, the skype group (so you can talk about presentations LIVE) and places you can get any and all downloads the speakers give out during their presentation.

Even though this is a Hybrid Conference, most speakers and other attendees will be hanging out in the live chat room so you can get to know them and continue to ask questions individually.

Most of the attendees are also REALLY GOOD SEOs so this is a great chance to make friends, come away with connections or even business partners. I can't stress this enough! Make yourself known! I personally have made millions of dollars with guys I had NEVER met in person. Seriously! So it can happen to you too!

The entire event is Always 100% NO Pitch!

It's always 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. The Speakers will bust SEO myths and Deliver SEO Strategies, Test Results and Case Studies that you don't want to miss out on!


$497 $347

Buy Now


  • LIVE Stream of 3 FULL-DAYS of SEO Rockstars Event on November 11th - 13th

$797 $447

Buy Now


  • Same as Basic Package
  • Recordings of Event
  • Copies of Speaker Presentations
  • Transcripts of Presentations
  • Professional Notes
  • The SEORockstars Staff's Step-By-Step Worksheet "Recipes" that they create from the information given by each speaker, this alone is PRICELESS.
  • MORE ABOUT THE ABOVE: The speakers give out their best info, but they don't often put it in a step-by-step format so the SR Staff listens to the material over and over again to get it all down in the right order for you!

$1997 $1495



  • Same As VIP Package
  • VIP DAY MASTERMIND on the 10th
  • VIP NETWORKING at Top Golf
  • VIP NETWORKING at the Bar In The Sky
  • Be With Us During The Event, Meet Speakers
  • All Access Pass to Event Activities

GET THE REAL STUFF From Our Independent Speakers

Do NOT Listen To Google
(They're Lying)
Do NOT Listen To Google's Gurus!
(They're Teaching You Stuff that's NOT TRUE!)


To Get the Absolute Latest SEO Trends & SIA Tested Material

This is being put on by the founders of the SEOIntelligence Agency, so you know you are going to get the LATEST scope on what is working and what is not.

And because of that, I chose Speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlate with our test's findings. We have done well almost 700 tests so we know when someone is bullshitting or not.

You will get information that is:

  • • Up to date

  • • Leading edge facts, not skimpy theory based on myths

  • • Tested and proven to work

  • • Strategies that others don't talk about

  • • SEO you can take to the bank

It is hard to describe but once you have been to an SEO Rockstars event you will “get it” and say "Oh, yeah. Dori DID say it would feel like this; no snooty people allowed."

For me, personally, some of the most important people I've met in this business have come from my SEORockstar events and I know, for a fact, I would not be where I am today without listening to those events.

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!



Dori Friend

P.S... 10 years, I can hardly believe it!

Each year I say I am not doing it again, as it is a lot of money and hard work to put on a purely PITCH-free event, but every single year I start hearing from people checking in to see when they can buy their tickets and convincing me that I HAVE to do it!