November 10-13, 2021
Both VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON @ Tropicana, Las Vegas

All Times Are Pacific Time Zone

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Nov 11
Day 1
Nov 12
Day 2
Nov 13
Day 3



9:00 - 10:45 AM PSTTim Warren, Founder of Helium SEO
8 Figure SEO - Scaling Your Business & The Future of SEO

What You Get: Follow Tim as he takes you on his journey of how he scaled Helium. So much comes down to Vision and planning where you want to go and Why. Scaling an SEO company is no different than scaling any other company, you have to start with Why and Vision and then work backwards. He has some great content to share here.

Why It's Important: Roadmaps are important. When someone as successful as Tim talks about their roadmap, it's worth a listen. You will get some amazing takeaways you can use to scale your own business.

Who He Is: Tim Warren is the CEO of Helium SEO, a Cincinnati based data-driven, full service digital marketing agency rooted in Engineering. In 2019, he was recognized and included in the Forty under 40 list.

11:00 - 11:45 AM PSTMichal Suski - Founder of SurferSEO
Leveraging AI Content in SEO to Win Everytime

What You Get: Michal will talk AI content and how it can impact your SEO and ranking. It is a big topic now thanks to GPT3 and other technologies being developed. There are dozens of tools that create AI content. But can it rank in Google? Is there a way to leverage this technique in SEO? He will answer these questions plus more. He won't pitch tools but will pitch a proper approach to AI in SEO in 2021 onwards.

Why It's Important: It is fairly easy to use AI the wrong way. While the others will do it right and scale up their businesses with either PBNs, blogs, guest posts, or anything else.

Who He Is: Michał Suski is an SEO practitioner. He co-founded Surfer and keep on developing the tool for thousands of users from around the globe. He has data at hand, a great team of developers and the ability to test things to make your jobs easier. Aside from being a SEO practitioner and developing Surfer, Michal is known for building DIY contraptions. DIY is something he enjoys the most. He does Backcountry skiing, welding, and carpentry.

12:00 - 12:45 PM PSTMoon Hussain - Best Speaker 2020
Top Secrets to Beating Your Top 3 Competitors Every Time: On Site SEO + Internal Linking!
What You Get: In this presentation, Moon talks about the most important factors and strategies that she uses to show successful results to increase rankings: clean site structure, on page SEO, & much more! This includes the recent set of Google Updates and recovering from them.

Why It's Important: Clean site structure is everything, yet most SEOs overlook it. Go back to the basics with Moon as she shows how she gets sites unstuck and moving up in the SERPs.

Who She Is: With 13 years of SEO experience under her belt, Moon co-founded an on-site and technical SEO focused agency, Rule Your Rankings, which broke 6 figures within one year due to SEO case studies and packages crafted by her. She has worked and consulted on affiliate sites that are starters all the way upto ~$70k/month. She now also runs the affiliate division of RYR as well as the marketing and branding of RYR (and enjoys it immensely). The RYR SEO Agency & Mastermind is well known for unsticking sites, increasing traffic, and with helping you RULE YOUR RANKINGS!

1:00 - 1:45 PM PSTDaryl Osborne
"Seriously" Dominating Your Local Market

What You Get: In this presentation, Daryl will uncover the "Local Surge" process to take over page one for your local market using a reliable, repeatable process. Attendees also receive a copy of his advanced RSS/DataFeed schema template.

Why It's Important: This process allows you to take over a local market one topic or subtopic at a time, pushing competitors away and raising your client's brand (a.k.a. "Entity") as the dominant choice.

Who He Is: Daryl has been an SEO agency owner since 2009, and along with Jimmy Kelley, they brought Entity SEO concepts and entity-based schema to the market over 3 years ago with their Entity Establishment Basic and Mastermind training. They have mentored hundreds of students and helped hundreds of small to large businesses achieve success online and continue doing so to this day. He's president of Local Business Rockstar working with E-Rock Christopher and co-founder of Entity SEO Mastery & Entity Elevation. Daryl is a foodie and (unaccredited) chef, holds 2 IT certifications.

2:00 - 2:45 PM PSTClint Butler - Schema Magician
How to use Schema "The Right Way" to get Top Rankings
What You Get: In this presentation Clint will show you how schema and machine learning intersect in SEO. Discover the true value of schema and how to apply it to your site to help machine learning and artificial intelligence understand it better.

Why It's Important: ML and AI as a growing feature in the search engines and their goal to increase the understanding of your website. So they use the content, entities, and LSI to determine the topic. Schema, done right, helps make that process faster.

Who He Is: Clint Butler is an SEO expert. He's been doing SEO since 2009. He owns his own agency, Digitaleer, and is a partner in the SIA & RankGear. After serving just over 21 years as a member of the Military Police Corps, Clint Butler retired a Non-Commissioned Officer of the United States Army. Clint holds a BA in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Internet Marketing, a Master's degree in Business Intelligence and another Master's degree in Public Relations. All degrees aside, Clint believes you're not an SEO expert until someone else says you are, and that only comes after you prove it!

3:00 - 3:45 PM PSTJudy Benedict
Staying OUT of The Nightmare Currently Plaguing Sites With Lawsuits

What You Get: In this presentation, Judy will explain how she writes great semantic code and makes her clients websites WCAG compliant. The result… This ranks them quick and high. Judy will talk about how you can build this into your website and why this strategy should be a part of your SEO process. Judy will also be dropping a bomb that you surely should not miss!

Why It's Important: You may have a solid SEO plan in place. Could it be even better? This one addition to your SEO can make all the difference in how quickly and how high you rank.

Who She Is: Judy Benedict is the founder of Giraffe Web Development & Design, The Hampton-Pinckney Gazette, and a HP Porchfest inaugural committee member. She started her career in the corporate world in commercial real estate finance, switching to high-tech security, then leaving to start Giraffe Web Development and Design in 1999.

4:00 - 5:00 PM PSTJoseph Kahn
10x Your Results With These 10 On-Page Signals Working Together
What You Get: During Joseph’s presentation, you will learn all about On-Page SEO harmonic signals that work together to magnify your results x10. He will introduce 5 factors that if used together in the correct rhythm, will skyrocket you to the top. You will learn to harmonize your on-page entities to rank without backlinks. With schema as the bass player, velocity as the drummer, get that perfect harmony that will get you to rank quickly, without fail.

Why It's Important: Tired of waiting on Ranking? - learn the one technique we use to get in Google's ear quickly. Onpage SEO can be hit or miss with results… until you learn the 5 harmonic factors (and how to use them) that Google needs to see on your page. If you want to see the patterns of ranking through Joseph’s eyes, this is the presentation for you.

Who He Is: From Award-Winning Pop Band to top ranker for Looney Tunes, Joseph finds himself lost in new search engine ranking tactics and building harmonics in digital teams daily. As the founder of Hum JAM, Joseph takes his newly found SEO skills to create harmonic roadmaps for ranking at the top of Google.

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9:00 - 9:45 AM PSTPaul Demont
What I've Learned From Enterprise Backlink Building

What You Get: Learn how to build an Enterprise level Backlinking system that can scale and adjust to an ever-changing Search Engine landscape. Learn how to use correlation analysis, Excel or Python, to make better predictions about what links to build for clients and determine what truly drove results.

Why It's Important: Most veteran SEO's know what links to build, but fewer know how to build a system they can delegate that will consistently generate results, learn and adjust as search engine environments change.

Who He Is: Paul DeMott is the CTO and Co-founder at Helium SEO, a data driven digital marketing agency rooted in engineering with locations in Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Columbus. He is a full-stack developer and uses Python, Statistics and Machine Learning to generate SEO results.

10:00 - 10:45 AM PSTHaris Ernawan
"Outrageous" Rankings In Foreign Countries

What You Get: Learn all about foreign SEO or SEO in other countries, what has been tried and tested to get foreign sites ranking in their local search.

Why It's Important: General SEO and local SEO can have some differences when it comes to how things are done. Learn all about this in Haris’ presentation.

Who He Is: Haris is what what we talk about when we say underground SEOs. He is based Indonesia.

11:00 - 11:45 AM PSTMilosz Krasiński
What I have learned from outreaching to almost half million domains worldwide

What You Get: In this presentation, Milosz will talk about his outreach processes, tools, scripts, and API. Everything he has learned about his experience in outreaching - what works, what does not work, communication blocks, relationship link building, HARO beyond link building, and entry to digital PR.

Why It's Important:You can get the right processes, tools and scripts and still fail at outreach. Milosz explains why it doesn’t fully fit. Online outreach can be tricky and he’ll teach you how to overcome the usual communication blocks. There is a missing ingredient in link building that you will learn in this presentation. You’ll also discover why HARO is so important BEYOND link building. Tired of outreaching and not getting results from it? Then this is something you shouldn’t miss!

Who He Is: Milosz is the founder of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting. He has done outreach to almost half million domains worldwide. Milosz is all about getting links, but something else he is known for is that he is a great chess player. He has a scientific approach to stretching while working. Curious about that? Maybe we could ask him that, too!

12:00 - 12:45 PM PSTJames Goldsmith - SIA Tester
Tell All - What I Found Testing Links While Working for SIA

What You Get: Get everything that James has learned from the linking tests he has set up in the SIA. Learn which type of links are working and which ones are not. Learn what types of links give the best boost and that you should be building to your site.

Why It's Important: There are so many different kinds of links that can be built, so many services around that offer links, but which ones really work and are worth the time, money, and effort? Stop wasting your time building links that do not do anything for your site and learn which ones do work and will give you that boost.

Who He Is: James is one of our regular testers in the SIA, he has tested so many link building tips and tricks, in order to find which one really works. He is the founder of The Eleven Plus Tutors Ltd and Disseminate Digital.

1:00 - 1:45 PM PSTDan O'Donnell
Google Validated Authority Links For Local Top Ranking
What You Get: In this presentation, Dan will outline a detailed strategy for how his agency builds links utilizing Google’s tools to validate link power, reduce link costs and build site authority faster. He will break apart the traditional methods used for link building and show you a more efficient way to acquire links and set up site pages to boost the power of the incoming link. He’ll show the first two steps most agencies miss to increase site ranking when onboarding new clients.

Why It's Important: As an agency owner, one of Dan’s largest expenses are link costs. Not only is link building expensive but after testing, the majority of links do not impact ranking. He believes Google ignores 85% of links and the majority of link expenses are wasted. Finding these links at a low cost has put more money in his pocket and skyrocketed his client’s rank. The traditional metrics SEO agencies use to validate links do not work.

Who He Is: Dan has been working in the SEO space for over 20 years starting with speaking and consulting engagements designed to teach businesses how to grow traffic and sales online before then moving to managing my own SEO agency. I like to break things! My success has been based on challenging the norms in the SEO marketplace, being highly critical of SEO strategies and testing, testing and retesting to find better methods for client growth.

2:00 - 2:45 PM PSTRandy Rohde
Where and How I get a Platoon of Never Ending Backlinks That Kills the Competition
What You Get: Randy will share with you his best practices on optimizing a Press Release and generating a massive amount of authoritative links. THEN - the secret sauce to do AFTER publication! He will personally walk you through their tried and tested process of building a Press Release that not only gets distributed across a wide array of news networks, but also continues to deliver links organically over time.

Why It's Important: We’re all looking for link juice and building the authority of our site. Press Releases are one of the best methods to build domain authority and expand your site link profile. They build and expand your brand’s Expertise, Authority and Trust.

Who He Is: Randy Rohde is the Founder and President of 38 Digital Market - a full-service SEO and Press Release Agency serving global clients all around the world. When not managing his client-driven businesses, you can find him behind the microphone interviewing guests for the podcast “Running the Bases with Small Businesses”.

3:00 - 3:45 PM PSTMaj Hussain - Founder of MagicPR
The Power of Owning Your Own Google News Network
What You Get: Learn how to get your site approved in Google News and how to build your own Google News Network to help boost your site and business.

Why It's Important: Getting your site approved by Google news provides a lot of benefit in boosting the authority of your site and getting more traffic. Getting links from Google approved sites are also valuable. Learn how to do all these and get that rank and traffic increase.

Who He Is: Maj is the founder of MagicPR, which is a leading Press Release distribution and SEO link building service.

4:00 - 5:00 PM PSTHolly Cooper - The Reformed Outlaw
Linking - On Steroids - Creative "Holly" Ways To Takeover The Serps (and staying out of trouble)
What You Get: If you aren’t using Google news sites yet for your SEO, then this is for you. Learn how to use Google News Approved sites, on steroids, to takeover the serps.

Why It's Important: There are a lot of benefits from being a Google News Approved site and to be one, a site needs high quality, relevant content. Getting links from these sites is a huge benefit. Learn how to use these sites, leverage them, and takeover the serps.

Who She Is: Holly is known to push the envelope of what’s possible and is known for her black hat ways. She is infamous in SEO circles for her ability to scale things to epic proportions.

Fun Fact: Holly likes to break things and test and is known for being sued. Lol. Check out her previous SEORockstar talks for all her infamous black hat ways.

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9:00 - 9:45 AM PSTCraig Campbell - The Blackest Hat
Black HAT SEO That Should Scare You

What You Get: Craig will be dropping a load of “Black Hat SEO Bombs” on CTR, automating Linkedin Engagement, Black Hat Link Building, and some creative black hat thinking. Actionable tips and advice that you can implement on your site. These are stuff that he has never shared before!

Why It's Important: These are seo bombs on a variety of topics that you can already apply and implement to your site. Stuff that he has never shared before and will be shared only on SEORockstars!

Who He Is: Craig’s knowledge and experience is second to none, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is a master of Black hat and delivers black hat talks all over the world.

10:00 - 10:45 AM PSTLisa Parziale
7-Figure SOP’s - SEO Process Maps For Your Eyes Only
What You Get: In this presentation, Lisa will be sharing exactly how to create 7-Figure SOP's so you can duplicate her success. And as a bonus, Lisa has agreed to share EXCLUSIVELY with her fellow SEORockstars, exactly how she uses these same processes to 2x and 3x her SEO sales. She will be giving away a special bonus that you should definitely watch out for!

Why It's Important: If you aren’t using SOPs in your business, you are working too hard, wasting time and valuable money. Lisa walks her talk and she will show you how big of an impact SOPs can make on your income and freedom.

Who She Is: Lisa has built a 7-figure Digital Marketing Agency by breaking down complicated processes (like SEO) and creating repeatable, actionable steps that increase ROI to as much as 80%. She has been going to SEORockstars every single year and has been a crowd favorite at SEORockstars since 2014. Lisa founded her agency in 2011 as a means to exit Corporate America. In less than 10 years, she has built a $3.5 million dollar agency that allows her to work the freedom lifestyle.

11:00 - 11:45 AM PSTJo Priest - The Wizard
The "Genius" Way of Automating SEO Processes While Getting BETTER Results
What You Get: Learn how to use Python to automate your SEO processes. Make your processes more effective and easier for you to scale up your business and get more clients.

Why It's Important: Some SEO processes can be repetitive and time consuming, be more effective and get more clients by automating some of your SEO processes.

Who He Is: Jo Priest is the CEO of G5 Media and the creator of Topical Relevance. He is also one of our testers in the SIA and he is a true blue SEO geek that comes up with heady tests that really crunches data. He is part data scientist and part developer. He uses data to help business make better and more informed decisions.

12:00 - 12:45 PM PSTClint Butler - Schema Magician
Is Core Web Vitals A Ranking Factor?
What You Get: We take a trip down the rabbit hole that is page speed optimization and Core Web Vitals to look at if Google is actually using it as a ranking factor, and if so, what are the biggest wins we can get from implementing it.

Why It's Important: Google and SEO pundits have professed for at least a year that we need to met the standards set for under the Core Web Vitals test for the purposes of rankings. Businesses, large and small, have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to optimize their websites. We’ll discuss if the money was well spent.

Who He Is: Clint Butler is an SEO expert. He's been doing SEO since 2009. He owns his own agency, Digitaleer, and is a partner in the SIA & RankGear. After serving just over 21 years as a member of the Military Police Corps, Clint Butler retired a Non-Commissioned Officer of the United States Army. Clint holds a BA in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Internet Marketing, a Master's degree in Business Intelligence and another Master's degree in Public Relations. All degrees aside, Clint believes you're not an SEO expert until someone else says you are, and that only comes after you prove it!

1:00 - 1:45 PM PSTNick Kringas - Local Hero
Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Agency to $3.5M and Beyond

What You Get: Learn from Nick’s experiences and mistakes in growing his agency to a $3.5M per year business. Avoid his mistakes and have less gray hair, scale faster and have a bigger, better agency - more revenue, more profit, higher valuation, less drama.

Why It's Important: Scaling a SEO company can be difficult and has a lot of challenges. Learn from Nick, his experiences and learnings from his years of running his own Law SEO company. Learn how to set up processes that work, hire people that get things done, and soar your business higher than ever before.

Who He Is: Nick Kringas is the Co-Founder and President at ApricotLaw Inc., which is an internet marketing company focused on law firms. Nick got hooked on SEO after ranking his family restaurant’s website at the #1 spot for the extremely broad term “Greek restaurant”. His passion grew and drew him into the ever-changing world of SEO.

2:00 - 2:45 PM PSTGary Nealon - The $40 Million Dollar Man
Scale Up To a 7-8 Figure Business
What You Get: Learn about Gary’s unique marketing strategy that has helped ecommerce companies scale to 7-8 figure businesses and how you could apply it to your business.

Why It's Important: Why limit yourself to 6-7 figures when you can reach 7-8? Grow and boost your business and Gary will help you make it happen with the help of his strategy that has helped over 100 companies.

Who He Is: Gary Nealon is the Founder of RTA Cabinet Store and the Co-Founder of Pawzitivity Pets, a collection of pet brands and blogs. He has built a $40 million e-commerce business selling one of the hardest products possible - kitchen cabinets and has helped over 100 companies scale to 7-8 figures.

3:00 - 5:00 PM PSTPanel
What You Get: Panels are where a group of experts are asked a series of questions that they each answer based on their knowledge and expertise.

Why It's Important: The panels are a little more rapid fire and plenty of the baddest, rip-roaring, white and/or black-hat, rank busting tactics and strategies out there that will make all our SEOs jump for joy with big eyes of delight!!

Live In Las Vegas or Watch Virtually

How It's Going to Work


Come to Las Vegas and be with us, meet some of the presenteors (not all will be there as some are presenting virtually) and other attendees as we pull the levers to make the virtual show happen. NOTE: since we are also doing a virtual show, it will be different than other SEORockstar events in the past where all the speakers spoke from stage.


Watch/Listen to SEORockstars from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere for that matter. Last year's virtual conference was a HUGE HIT because of its convenience!

FOR BOTH Live and Virtual

Every day you will be sent the links you need to get into the presentations, the skype group (so you can talk about presentations LIVE) and places you can get any and all downloads the speakers give out during their presentation.

Even though this is a Hybrid Conference, most speakers and other attendees will be hanging out in the live chat room so you can get to know them and continue to ask questions individually.

Most of the attendees are also REALLY GOOD SEOs so this is a great chance to make friends, come away with connections or even business partners. I can't stress this enough! Make yourself known! I personally have made millions of dollars with guys I had NEVER met in person. Seriously! So it can happen to you too!

The entire event is Always 100% NO Pitch!

It's always 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. The Speakers will bust SEO myths and Deliver SEO Strategies, Test Results and Case Studies that you don't want to miss out on!


$497 $347

Buy Now


  • LIVE Stream of 3 FULL-DAYS of SEO Rockstars Event on November 11th - 13th

$797 $447

Buy Now


  • Same as Basic Package
  • Recordings of Event
  • Copies of Speaker Presentations
  • Transcripts of Presentations
  • Professional Notes
  • The SEORockstars Staff's Step-By-Step Worksheet "Recipes" that they create from the information given by each speaker, this alone is PRICELESS.
  • MORE ABOUT THE ABOVE: The speakers give out their best info, but they don't often put it in a step-by-step format so the SR Staff listens to the material over and over again to get it all down in the right order for you!

$1997 $1495



  • Same As VIP Package
  • VIP DAY MASTERMIND on the 10th
  • VIP NETWORKING at Top Golf
  • VIP NETWORKING at the Bar In The Sky
  • Be With Us During The Event, Meet Speakers
  • All Access Pass to Event Activities

GET THE REAL STUFF From Our Independent Speakers

Do NOT Listen To Google
(They're Lying)
Do NOT Listen To Google's Gurus!
(They're Teaching You Stuff that's NOT TRUE!)


Dear SEO Professional,

This is the 10th time I've hosted SEORockstars. WOW! When I started SEORockstars all those years ago, I never intended it to be an annual event, but each year I would get talked into doing it again LOL.

So here we are 10 years later... =:)

And when I look back at all the speakers I've had on this stage in the last 10 years, I think the absolute best presentations have been from the guys/gals that aren't at all well known.

In fact, these are the people that don't normally speak at events, and rarely share in chat groups or forums, because they are either somewhat shy or, they just don't want to be uncovered.

That's why I call them "Underground" SEOs.

And... they bring with them an unusual array of unknown strategies. These are the guys that have the winning SEO tricks and methods WE HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT YET!

Which is What Has Always Made SEORockstars So Unique!

I mean, who wants to hear from the same corporate presenter with the same standard presentation you can get anywhere else, (because you know they deliver them over and over again.) The only thing worse than an overused set of slides, is when they have a pitch to sell you something after it!! YIKES!! Neither of which you will find here!

Of course we will still have some of the crowd pleasers that have rocked this stage in the past, but for the most part, you won't have heard of the speakers I'm bringing on stage this year... in fact... most of the speakers will REMAIN a mystery!

About The Speakers


Now I know that’s a little strange for a conference but here’s the deal, even some of the speakers will let you know who they are (and I will update this page with them when I get all of their presentation details). Most wont and the reason is pretty simple…

They Don't Want Google (nor Their Competition) To Know Who They Are!

I think you can understand that. I mean, if you had something that was working for you in your niche, would YOU want Google or your competitors in that niche to know what you are doing? I didn’t think so.

Therefore, I have promised that they can have complete anonymity if they choose. This way, I can leverage the BEST of the BEST to show us what they are doing to win big on Google no matter HOW BLACK HAT it may be.

I guarantee each of these speakers will deliver "at least" one knowledge bomb you can roll around and take to the SEO piggy bank!

I can also say with certainty and openly that both Clint Butler and I will be speaking. So you know what that means…

YOU WILL Listen to Massively Tested, Proven SEO Results Found NOWHERE ELSE!


Let's be real... theory is bullshit.

And it's why I started the SEO Intelligence Agency in 2016. We've done 600+ tests since then and continue to do more each month.

So even though I admit I love listening to Google conspiracy theories, I don't base my rankings around the theory & gossip and I certainly don't base my business around it... because in the end, it's all worthless.

I only base my SEO strategy on what is tested and proven and that is exactly what you get at SEORockstars. We are on the "bleeding" edge of SEO and have documented data that goes against everything that Google tells us! Crazy stuff! (and I know, right? Google not telling us the truth?) CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF!

And because of that...

I chose Speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlates with our tests findings.

I've also focused on choosing speakers who could speak on the topics that you told me were important to you in the survey I took a couple months ago. Below is how it scored. Because survey participants were able to give it a 1 to 5 rating, the calculated weighted score is on the very right-hand side. You can see that LOCAL SEO won followed by (you guys never get tired of it) On-Page SEO. ;) And then on down the line.

The blue box represents the topics we will be focusing on at SEORockstars, and of course, the red X are the ones that didn't make the grade.

I have set up the event to encapsulate the above “Blue boxed” topics to fit into certain days as follows. But you can see how topics will show up on multiple days. For example, Local SEO shows up on all three days, it just depends on which aspect of it we are talking about, what day that part will appear on. And…

The days won't be "limited" to these but the below boxes gives you an idea how the Survey Topics will be incorporated into the Conference.

And Local SEO will be front and center on all three days

And since last year's VIRTUAL event was such a success (just read the rave reviews below) this year's event will also be virtual, but with a twist. It will be....

Both Live & Virtual

You Pick How You Want To Experience It

Instead of doing all the lever pulling in my office all by myself, I’m going to be doing all that live at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. So for those off you that want to come and enjoy the company of your fellow SEO Professionals, you can! (It's the perfect place to network.) Below art (which I just love) is by Megan Duncanson.

And for those speakers that come live, they will speak live in front of the audience. :-)

Dori Friend
Founder, SEORockstars

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!


We ALWAYS get Rave Reviews!

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!



To Get the Absolute Latest SEO Trends & SIA Tested Material

This is being put on by the founders of the SEOIntelligence Agency, so you know you are going to get the LATEST scope on what is working and what is not.

And because of that, I chose Speakers whose SEO practices and the SEO information they give out correlate with our test's findings. We have done well almost 700 tests so we know when someone is bullshitting or not.

You will get information that is:

  • • Up to date

  • • Leading edge facts, not skimpy theory based on myths

  • • Tested and proven to work

  • • Strategies that others don't talk about

  • • SEO you can take to the bank

It is hard to describe but once you have been to an SEO Rockstars event you will “get it” and say "Oh, yeah. Dori DID say it would feel like this; no snooty people allowed."

For me, personally, some of the most important people I've met in this business have come from my SEORockstar events and I know, for a fact, I would not be where I am today without listening to those events.

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!